Top 13 types of Freelance photography

types of Freelance photography

Have you ever wondered what kinds of freelance photography are available and how much money you can make doing them?

 Let’s examine each of your possibilities!

The term successful freelance photography can be a bit intimidating! It implies that you’re on your own with your freelance job and that you must use creativity and market awareness to keep your firm not only effective but also productive. Despite freelance jobs being the easiest way and also the right place to make money based on your personal experience, still one has to upgrade the freelance qualities as well. 

If you are in the field of creative professionals, then look out for freelance photography jobs in addition to that you can also become a graphic designer. As photography and graphic design are correlated, where it enhances different types of freelance photographers.

The top 13 types of freelance photography niches that can genuinely earn you money are listed below.

Family/Portrait Photography

Probably the most popular kind of freelancing photography is portrait and family photography. As a portrait photographer, if this is your specialty, you could quickly become busy with potential customers! The demand for these family portraits can give opportunities to any professional photographer, as it never goes down because families grow and change over the years. Not to mention that everyone enjoys hanging out with their families and it is the best way to share their images is throughout the house and on social media. It is a great way to explore the freelance career for portrait photographers with their potential clients and of course, with their professional cameras which create memories.

How to monetize: Use Facebook and Instagram to advertise locally. Spread the word to all of your loved ones, and to start things off, provide free or heavily discounted sessions. Since word-of-mouth advertising plays a major role in this kind of freelancing photography, you must provide an exceptional customer experience. Among the different types of photographers with the right photography skills, one can ace in portrait photography,

Product Photography

Recent years have seen a major advancement in product photography. Your product photographs will become more and more crucial as e-commerce expands. This section will define product photography and provide you with samples and best practices to get you started. Photographing an item of merchandise is known as product photography. 

Photographed products are intended to persuade customers to buy them; this type of photography is also referred to as commercial photography. In addition to written content and product descriptions, they include product features and details. Presenting a complete picture of the product to prospective customers is the goal and, in this part, the effort of graphic designers is also crucial as they have the magic dust for product photography.

 In the freelance photography business, product photography plays a vital role in the commercial world. As a commercial photographer, you can obtain multiple opportunities from local businesses to any large business where you should reach the products to the target audience. Graphic design and photography are two essential components of a marketer’s toolkit. When combined, they can create a visually striking impact that is hard to forget. Graphic design involves creating visuals that convey a message, while photography involves capturing images that tell a story. These two disciplines often collaborate to produce marketing materials that are not only effective but also visually appealing.

Pet photography

Right now, pet photography is the most widely used genre of photography. It documents the pet’s disposition, disposition, routines, and other noteworthy events. There is a plethora of subject matter to choose from, including candid and natural portraits. Pets do not, however, pose as people do, thus pet photography is challenging and needs more hard work. However, if you can get a grip on this, then getting in touch with new clients will not be a hurdle. You can create your own website where you can display your photography skills on different social media platforms.

Based on search engine optimization your website or blog will reach as many people, especially pet lovers, and who knows you will receive more clients as well.

Things that are Necessary for Pet Photography

  • Camera Kit
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Off-camera Flash
  • Pet Toys
  • Treats
  • Business Cards
  • Extra Batteries
  • Extra Lead Plugs
  • Memory cards

Travel photography

The skill of travel photographers is to capture every facet of a location to encourage others to visit. The physical place, scenery, people, and culture are all captured and conveyed through travel photography. Through captivating and educational images that capture the true essence of a place, the travel photographer enlightens those who are unable to visit.

Travel images ought to evoke a desire within you to visit that location. You can even post your travel images and make money out of it too by setting higher rates or lower rates based on the demand for the image that you capture.

A travel photographer’s primary objective is to take breathtaking pictures of their travels in far-off places. This gives them the ability to tell tales and educate people about the rich diversity of the planet while preserving historical moments exactly as they were experienced. Among the types of photography Travel photography will take us to different places through images.

Being a travel photographer means that taking pictures must be your primary motivation for seeing new places, which makes it very difficult to capture the best shots. Nonetheless, a lot of trip photographers consider their line of work to be among the most rewarding in the photographic industry. With the right equipment and a good sense of photography style with the nature of the place, one can bring life to the pictures that they have taken.

Digital photography

Digital photography is the use of electronic and computing devices to capture, create, edit, and share digital images or photographs. It includes various technologies that provide electronic or computer-based photography services.

A digital photograph, which is the outcome of digital photography, is typically stored in a bitmap (BMP) format. However, it can vary based on the device or technology used and the user’s requirements. Digital photography replaces conventional microfilm used in standard photography with storage cards or computer storage devices that can store and access images captured, scanned, or copied.

Some of the electronic and computing technologies used in digital photography include digital cameras, which capture images and store them in built-in or integrated storage media cards. Computing devices like webcams integrated with a computer or laptop and scanners that capture existing physical images on paper or cards are also used. In the case of digital photography software Purpose-built software allows the modification of various image attributes, such as texture, color, and brightness.

Wildlife photography

To capture images of animals in their native habitats, wildlife photographers must possess advanced photographic skills. The urge to take breathtaking, professional-grade pictures of wild animals and other species is what draws many budding photographers to wildlife photographs.

A job as a wildlife photographer might be something you want to think about if you have a strong love of nature, animals, and photography. If you are a self-employed photographer who is interested to work in outdoors and click images of wildlife, then you have to buckle up for your adventure.

You’ll spend your days searching for that one special moment in nature that someone would be willing to pay good money to have printed and benefit your small businesses as well. Whatever kind of wildlife you’re most interested in, there’s a genre of wildlife photography that fits your preferences. This type of photographer can explore and make money at the same time.

However, if you’re just getting started, you might be unsure of what wildlife photography actually entails. Many believe it’s just a matter of taking adorable animal photos, no matter what methods are required. But it is not the case, it’s about promoting conservation, education, and appreciation for the natural world.  Also, to provide crucial revenue streams for conservation efforts through prints, calendars, and books. For many more reasons, the wildlife photographer captures the images from the wild which is also a good idea to showcase his or her best work.

Landscape photography

Above all, this kind of photography work portrays the beauty of the natural world. Although images of these landscapes may include people, animals, or buildings, the main subject matter is always the surrounding natural environment. These images feature, among other natural settings, rivers, woods, seascapes, and mountain ranges. 

Landscape photography is the art of capturing the natural scenery and environment. It typically showcases a wider, open space rather than small details. The image can include people, animals, or man-made structures, but the main focus of the photograph is always the great outdoors. Landscape photography is a way to showcase one’s perspective and capture the beauty of the environment. If you have a personal website, then it will be a good idea to increase your demand for more landscape photography and that too with your prospective clients.

On the other hand, as images of cities are classified as cityscapes, views of cities are not included in this genre. Moreover, it lacks the close-up images of animals that are found in nature photography.  Nonetheless, astrophotography examples can be found in landscape shots that feature mountain ranges or other naturally occurring horizon lines where the sky meets the natural world.


A photojournalist is a professional who captures and communicates stories through visual images. They use photography as a medium to document current events, news, and social issues, providing viewers with a visual account of what is happening in the world. Photojournalists have the responsibility of capturing candid, truthful, and thought-provoking images that convey complex stories in a single frame.

Photojournalism requires a strong combination of technical skills, journalistic ethics, and storytelling ability. Photojournalists must have a keen eye for detail and be able to capture compelling images that not only convey information but also evoke emotion in the viewer. They must be well-versed in the use of cameras, lighting, and other equipment, and have a deep understanding of the social and cultural contexts in which they are working. As a journalist, one should be aware of the photography tips as they even cover live events and sensitive matters too.

A photojournalist can work independently as a freelancer, for a news agency, or as part of a larger news organization, covering a wide range of events, including politics, conflict, natural disasters, and human-interest stories with photos of people.

Birds’ photography

Birders are interested in hearing and seeing birds and moving on to find the next one. On the other hand, bird photographers aim to capture a definitive photograph of an individual bird to represent its species. Bird photography is important for several reasons. It helps us to appreciate the beauty of birds and their natural habitats. As a bird photographer, one can raise awareness about the importance of conservation and the need to protect bird species from extinction. Alas, it can be a fun and rewarding hobby that allows us to connect with nature and learn more about the world around us.

For capturing flying birds or birds that move quickly on the ground, camera stabilization plays a vital role. A lighter 200-500mm telephoto zoom lens and a fast shutter speed can be used to get good photos without using a tripod, which may be too bulky to handle.

Fashion photography

Fashion photography is one of the most popular photo shoots and a competitive subcategory of photography that requires a lot of skill, technique, and creativity. The industry has become a multi-billion-dollar sector that covers production, design, and sales on many different levels, and most of them make use of photography in one way or another.

Fashion photography has been around for a long time, long before the advent of social media. It has allowed fashion designers to showcase their creations to a wider audience and kept people up to date with the latest additions to the fashion world.

Fashion photography is an industry that has a glamorous image and commercial significance. Many talented fashion photographers have succeeded in this genre. When you think of fashion photography, images of models walking down the runway or wearing surreal costumes while trapped in a glass sphere come to mind. However, this is just a small part of what fashion photography encompasses, as it is a vast and diverse area that is divided into many sub-genres, each of which requires different skills, equipment, and budgets. These sub-genres range from photographing fashion products for ad campaigns to creating high fashion images that are closer to fine art.

Wedding photography

Wedding photography is a specialized field within photography that primarily focuses on capturing moments and events related to weddings. Wedding photographers have the responsibility of covering various aspects of a wedding, including the ceremony, reception, and other related events. Their goal is to capture the emotions, rituals, and interactions of the couple and their guests to create a visual narrative that tells the story of their special day.

Apart from the wedding day itself, wedding photography may also involve pre-wedding engagement sessions, where the wedding photographer will be completely engaged with the couples in capturing their moments. These sessions allow the couple to have professional photographs taken before their official wedding day, which can be used for wedding invitations.

Wedding photographers use a variety of styles and techniques to capture the perfect shots, such as candid shots, posed portraits, and artistic compositions. The most important thing they work to create a visual narrative that tells the story of the couple’s special day. Wedding photography is also considered as event photography.

The practice of wedding photography has evolved over the years. In the early days of photography, couples from more humble backgrounds did not always hire photographers for the actual wedding ceremony. Instead, they might pose for formal photos in their best attire before or after the wedding. However, as technology improved, wedding photography became more common, and albums started featuring images of the entire wedding party and gifts.

Initially, wedding photography was predominantly black and white due to the limitations of early color photography. But now, with the advancement of technology, color photography has become more accessible in the 20th century, allowing for vibrant and diverse wedding images.

When it comes to wedding photography, it’s not just about capturing images; it’s about preserving memories and emotions.

Sports photography

Sports photography involves capturing images of sports, athletic activities, and athletes in action. The photographers usually stand on the sidelines, ready to document the events as they unfold on the pitch, court, or track.

Sports photography is a lucrative industry, as the photos are widely used in newspapers, magazines, and various online publications. They are often featured on the back pages of national newspapers and dedicated sports publications, particularly for popular sports like football.

Through sports photography, people can stay connected to the sports they love. Most people can’t attend every live game, so the work of sports photographers helps them stay up to date on the latest events.

Moreover, a sports photographer can create timeless and iconic images. Certain sporting moments become more than just a game and are part of our popular culture and history. With the current updated photo editor skills and the perfect digital camera, the sports photographer can take any number of clicks!

Sports photographers have no control over how the events unfold, and there are no retakes. They need to be alert and well-versed in the sport to anticipate the action and be ready to capture the perfect shot.

Food photography

Food photography is a type of commercial photography where food is the main subject of still images. These images are used in various marketing materials such as product packaging, cookbooks, billboards, newsletters, websites, and social media accounts. However, food photography is a challenging task since food can quickly lose its luster, melt, or cool down. Therefore it requires a collaborative effort from a team of professionals such as prop stylists, food stylists, lighting specialists, and designers to support the food photographer in achieving the optimum shoot timing.

In the past, food photography had a bad reputation due to the use of non-edible materials by stylists that looked like food but were not. Also, photographers learned how to manipulate the size of dishes, which disappointed consumers. However, today’s professional food photography services focus on capturing natural, accurate, and enticing images of food.

As a professional food photographer, one prefers to create natural and enticing images of food in collaboration with his team. He understands that the plating or styling of food must not be rushed, and he must be prepared to capture dishes speedily to ensure the freshness of the images. The photographer aims to ensure that not only the food looks appealing and natural but also the surrounding scene feels organic and natural. He makes sure that the bigger picture never gets lost, and that the products or dishes always belong to the larger commercial or editorial story.

Follow your type of passion

No matter which popular type of photography you choose to pursue, having a good understanding of foundational photography skills is essential. You should learn more about focal length, shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and depth of field, and practice different photo composition guidelines like the rule of thirds. For those who are absolute beginners, it’s important to learn more about whether a DSLR or mirrorless camera is the right choice for you. Once you get started, you can make use of editing tools like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance your photos with filters and much more. There’s a lot to discover in photography, but the first step is to choose a subject or genre and get out there and start shooting.

Last but not least, if you are passionate about your work then don’t give up at any cost. It’s fine to take a break but do not accept failure. Freelance Photographer is a wonderful creative work where you will learn through capturing moments and creating memories all the time.

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