How to teach courses online?

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Are you passionate about teaching and wanted to learn how to teach courses online, you have come to the right place? In this free course, I will teach you everything from finding the course topic, to course curriculum and also to record and edit your videos using Camtasia. Do you have a skill, hobby, or interest that you would like to share with the world? Are you looking to make extra income from the comfort of your home? If yes, then JOIN this  “How to teach courses online?” COURSE.

I have taught several courses related to technology and have earned $740K, selling them on e-learning platforms and on my own website.
I am here to teach you everything that I have learned over the last eight years in this course.

Are you interested in making money while teaching?
  • If you are someone who is looking to share their knowledge with the world and is scared and doesn’t know where to start and how to start, then this course is for you.
  • Choosing the right topic for your course
  • Prepare the curriculum for the course
  • Record and Edit your videos
  • Create a Promo video for your course
  • Market your course
How to teach courses online?

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of how to teach courses online, let’s start with why you should teach courses online.

FOLLOW MY PASSION: If you are passionate about teaching. If you have knowledge that will help someone, then creating an online course is the right way to do it. You will not only help someone with a new skill but also will create financial freedom for yourself.

FREE MY TIME: There are two ways to make money, one is to trade your hours for money, and the second one is to build an asset that will generate income for you 24*7. Once you have learned to make money through the second option, I bet you. You will never turn back to option 1.

LEAVE A LEGACY: Once you have published your course, it will be there forever. It will help generation after generation.

TRAIN MY CLIENTS/STAFF: If you have a team of people working for you and training your team can be challenging, and you can’t be available 24*7 to train them, then creating a training course is the best way to guide them, save you money and they can learn on their own convenience.

EXPAND MY IMPACT/REACH: You can teach someone remotely in India through your online course. You reach a wider range of people through your online courses.

TONS OF NEW OPPORTUNITIES: You never know what impact your course can have on others, and it can open up other opportunities for being a mentor or a guide. Your course can bring a lot more business opportunities for you which you never dreamt of in your wildest dream.
Your course can bring a lot of endorsement deals from other businesses where you will earn a commission recommending other services and products.

Quick summary of how to teach courses online?

Create videos : You need to first create a series of videos on the topic you would like to create the course on. The lectures can either be screen share or face videos. Depends on the topic you have chosen. For example, if your course is about a programming language, you probably need to share some code examples to make students understand.

Otherwise, if your course is about doing a makeup tutorial, you just have to show yourself on camera and teach them how to do makeup.
In order to create face videos, you can use your mobile camera at first, but if you want more professional videos, then you can invest some money in camera equipment.

If you are planning to do screen sharing, then one of the most powerful software is Camtasia. You can use this to record your laptop screen and also edit your video.

Host your Course :Once you have prepared the complete course, now you need to host this course. You can use platforms like Udemy or Coursera to host your courses, or you can also host your course on your own website using teachable or Thinkific.

You also have the option of using the tutor LMS plugin in WordPress, where you can create your courses and enroll students. The benefit of using an LMS plugin is that you have full control of everything on your website, and it costs comparatively less as compared to Thinkific and teachable.

Market your course: this is the most crucial aspect of online courses. You can use a platform like youtube or other social media platforms to promote your online course. You can post a few videos of your course on youtube, and in the description, you can provide the link to the complete course. If students like your teaching style, they will buy your course through the link.

If you are interested to learn more about how to teach courses online? Join the course. 

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