12 Amazing advantages of freelancing

Advantages of freelancing

Freelance jobs, in the gig economy have been increasingly popular as a desirable and respectable career choice as the business world has changed and evolved over the past few years. It has been highlighted to come out of the traditional employment practice and become a business owner in his or her preferred field of work which the best part of enjoying the advantages of freelancing.

A growing and more common job choice is a freelance career, which is the word for a profession in which an individual works for themselves and is employed by other firms on a different project basis. You don’t want to be like the rest of the full-time employees, but you can be your own boss. If you are someone who prefers working at night as a night owl and wants to make money, freelancing is the perfect option.

This is a great way for those who have a keen eye for detail and strong language skills. Especially, for those who don’t prefer to have full-time employment jobs.

There are multiple ways to begin your freelancing career as a content writer, online tutor, copywriter, graphic designer, and many more. You can even expose your work through social media as well where you will get in touch with new clients and followers.

In a great way, you will be convinced to work as a freelancer if you learn its core advantages.

So, let’s explore!!

Advantages of freelancing

Compared to traditional employment, freelancers have more freedom. They essentially run their own business and have autonomy over which clients to work with. Getting started with freelancing requires determination, self-motivation, and a marketable service. It’s important to remember that when freelancing, time is money. There are various advantages and here in this blog you will get to know a few among them.

Flexible Hours

One of the biggest benefits of freelancing is that you can choose the working hours on a flexible schedule. Surprisingly, just half of the time spent by freelancers on billable tasks accounts for almost half of their weekly labor of fewer than 30 hours. Freelancing can be any type of work where you can obtain a number of projects as remote work with flexible hours at your own schedule. This can benefit even for your better work-life balance.

 Because of this, freelancers charge more than traditional employees who work for their traditional Job. After all, half of their work time is non-billable.

Improved Skill Set

In traditional jobs, you will be assigned a task for which you must work like a robot. You might not get the opportunity to improve in skills other than task-related skills.


Guess What!!  freelancing is the ability to try out new skills and expand your knowledge in many different areas for the client base, like marketing, sales, management, client relations, graphic designing, and different practice areas. The freelance Job is not only to work as per your will but also to learn various skills during the work hours.

Multiple Sources of Income

      Warren Buffet Says “Never depend on a single income”

We are living in a time where a 9 – 5 job can’t cover all our expenditures or have a luxurious life. But creating multiple sources of Income in your comfort zone with the work in which you are good, is the best thing to have in your life. One can be a freelance writer, content writer, or video editor and set own rules to create financial independence through various sources of income.

So Invest in the skill in which you are good and create multiple incomes out of it and make way for various projects. Many online courses are trending right now that you can learn in your free time. It also means that you can start freelancing as a side hustle before you take it on as a full-time career.

Location Flexibility

While working remotely gives you freedom in where you work even in different countries, freelancing gives you flexibility in how much and when you work is a huge advantage. People who require caregiving as well as people with impairments can benefit from this.

 You could even travel with your computer and use it for a few hours of work each day, then spend the remainder of your time doing whatever you want, wherever you want. All you have to need is a laptop and a perfect internet connection and keep continuing with your new projects as well. There will be different jobs that require high-quality work, and all these can be done at your hours.

No need to travel for work

One should be lucky enough to work right around the corner from where they live. This can be possible only through freelancing opportunities. Every people would love to do that. Employees who have the most fulfilling occupations and the highest salaries may need to travel a considerable distance each day—up to several hours—to go to work. When it’s time for them to head home for the day, they have to repeat the entire process. 

You may permanently wave goodbye to all of that when you operate as a freelancer since you can do so from one to any location. Alternatively, you can choose to walk from your bedroom to your living room or home office for your morning transit rather than taking the long route to get to work.​

You don’t wanna be worried about weather-related concerns or even feel the pressure of traffic jams. Rather, it’s a dream come true for many that you may work from home in safety and comfort while doing the profession you love.

Be the Boss

Well, well well….

There is a great thing as well as a worse thing too.  The great thing about being a freelancer is you are your boss. Likewise, the worst thing about being a freelancer is “you are your boss”. There’s no one to blame when things go wrong but no one to guide as well, but you will learn from your own mistakes. However, it’s a dream come true if you want to be the boss of your work. 

You have power over how you organize your workdays and finish your responsibilities as you choose what jobs you take on and what work you undertake. You will have complete control over what you do and how you do it as you become an independent creature. Working for yourself also allows you to escape issues like bad management and office politics.

Global Exposure / Work with Diverse Clients and Gain Experience​

When you work in your traditional job as a traditional employee you will be getting exposure among your teammates or a few clients or none. But, as a freelancer, there are many places you may work as a professional, and one of the best things about working from home (or any other place you choose) is that there are no restrictions.

 Offering your specialized skills to independent contractors is certainly an option if it is something you would like to do. However, you are free to widen your professional exposure as much as you desire.

Opt for the desired work

During my corporate period, I had multiple challenges and one among them was dealing with clients, even if you don’t want to. I used to work with my usual chores with so much dedication but still, I will not be provided with words of affirmation or any kind of recognition.

These kinds of circumstances frequently arise in a typical office job, where you have little choice over the kind of work you do and the clients you serve. 

If you are a freelance, then you will have the liberty to choose your client and also to select the projects. As per the discussed timeline between the client and you, the project or the work assigned should be done with ease.

Develop your Creativity

“Creativity is the ability to create, develop, take chances, break the rules, make errors, and Alas! have fun.”

You may also exercise greater creative control over your work when you work as a freelancer. 

You can choose tasks that call for original thought, which develops your creative skills and enables you to approach problems in novel ways. You may also exercise creativity when pitching to customers and assisting them in coming up with ideas, but it depends on the kind of freelancing that you want to perform. 

Your ability to be creative can help you grow your freelance business and accomplish new objectives with ease.

Develop at Your Speed

Sometimes or most of the time “slow and steady wins the race”.

In a regular job either part-time or full time, you will be forced to get trained for a process in the short period that you have been assigned for.

If you are a freelancer, you can take a step-by-step approach where you can take one project at a time or multiple projects at a time based on your capacity and knowledge of the skills. However, in this place hard work is mandatory. If your work gets a bit overwhelming then you can take a break and come back too.​

The timing of increasing the price and project take-on are all up to you. Whatever pace you select, you can maintain.

Work-Life Balance 

To be honest, 80% of the population of this era are not satisfied with the work-life balance and race for the 9-5 job. Despite working overtime, they don’t get paid enough, and in turn, their work-life balance also gets distracted. This is one of the main reasons why the United States and the United Kingdom have more freelancers when compared with the rest of the countries.

Our life and our overall sense of pleasure and contentment are greatly influenced by our relationships with our family, and friends, and our interests and hobbies.

It may be extremely frustrating and harmful to our careers when work takes precedence over these areas. It’s hard to devote yourself fully to a work that doesn’t value your time, after all.

You may design a work-life balance with freelance employment that suits your needs.

Build Up Interpersonal Skills

Finding clients, keeping up with clients, and finalizing deals with various companies are all part of being a freelancer. Proficiency in both interpersonal and business management is necessary to deal with any client.

All things considered, these interpersonal skills are crucial to develop, and working as a freelancer allows you to do just that. 

Below are a few tips about how to improve your interpersonal skills

  • Learn to listen.
  • Check your body language.
  • Double-check before hitting the send button.
  • Keep it short and specific.
  • Write it down!
  • Stop. Think. Talk.
  • Make your workflow transparent.

Let’s wrap!

Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can, as said by Arthur Ashe.

For those who want to be in charge of their destiny and control their career while generating a solid living, freelancing is a fantastic alternative. Finding the appropriate tools to guarantee that you can do your work accurately is one of the challenges of working as a freelancer, though. 

If you want to discover more tools relevant to design, project management, or any freelancer-related topics then you are most welcome to our blog!

You can have your own business as a career path, and you can make this freelancer job a full-time job.

Some famous freelancing websites are:

4. people-per-hour
5. 99design.com
6. guru.com
7. simplyhired.com
8. hirable.com
9. writer access.com
10. crowded.com

Working on a few gigs from these sites will assist you in understanding how freelancing as a job goes along and to what extent you will expand your horizons.

Get to know what are the freelancing jobs that you can opt for.

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