Reviews of teachable

Reviews of teachable

I have been using teachable since 2015 and in this article I will be sharing my “Reviews on teachable”. The popularity of online courses as an alternative to traditional education is rapidly increasing. Recent data suggests that the eLearning market in the US is expected to reach a value of $25.33 billion by 2025. This presents a significant opportunity for individuals to monetize their expertise by creating and selling online courses.

Creating an online course can be challenging, especially with the high level of competition in the market. However, using the right tools can help increase your chances of success. One such tool is Teachable, an online course creation software that allows educators, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to create and sell engaging and personalized courses and coaching products.

In this Teachable review, I will explore the platform’s features for building your school and courses, marketing and sales tools, support for instructors and students, pricing options, pros and cons, and ultimately, whether or not it is worth it for your business.

Reviews of teachable: Is Teachable Worth Your Time and money?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive tool for building and selling courses that handles all the technical details, such as affiliates, email automation, VAT, taxes, and author payments, then Teachable is a great option to consider. With Teachable, you can run your knowledge business with ease, thanks to its intuitive, unified dashboard.

One of the standout features of Teachable is the impressive range of features it offers. Unlike other platforms, Teachable is not just a smart passive income and investment opportunity, it also comes with a variety of features that include:

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Built-in Course Authoring
  • Course Publishing
  • Data Import/Export
  • eCommerce Management
  • eLearning Companies
  • Instructor-Led Courses
  • Learner Portal
  • Teachable Mobile Friendly site for mobile learning
  • Progress Tracking
  • Surveys and Quizzes
  • Self-Paced Courses
  • Videoconferencing
  • Storyboarding
  • Selling Courses
  • Tests/Assessments

One of the biggest advantages of using Teachable is its affordability and great return on investment. Instead of purchasing multiple tools separately, Teachable provides all of these features in one affordable package. This not only saves you money, but also saves you time as you won’t have to switch between different tools. Additionally, Teachable is designed to work seamlessly with other third-party tools and apps, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. With Teachable, you get all the built-in features in one place and the ability to integrate with other tools you may already be using.

reviews of teachable

Reviews of teachable: Is teachable for you?

Here are a few use cases to help you understand how the Teachable platform provides value to different online course creators.

  1. Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Teachable provides an easy-to-use platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners to create and sell online courses, coaching services, and digital products. This can help them to reach a wider audience and earn more revenue from their knowledge and expertise.
  2. Online Educators: Teachable provides educators with the tools to create engaging and interactive online courses. They can easily create quizzes, assign homework, and grade assignments. It also offers a built-in email marketing platform for educators to communicate with their students.
  3. Corporate Training: Teachable can be used by large corporations to train their employees in a more convenient and cost-effective way. They can create internal training programs, track employee progress, and issue certifications upon completion.
  4. Podcasters and Bloggers: Teachable can be used by podcasters and bloggers to monetize their content by creating and selling online courses. They can also use the platform to build an email list and promote their products and services.
  5. Freelancers and Consultants: Teachable can be used by freelancers and consultants to create and sell online courses, coaching services, and digital products. This can help them to reach a wider audience and increase their revenue.

Yes, Teachable is a versatile platform that can be used by a wide range of creators and educators. It offers a range of features and tools that make it easy to create and sell online courses, build an online school, and offer coaching services. Some of the key features of Teachable include:

  • Customizable course landing pages and checkout pages
  • Built-in email marketing and automation tools
  • Integrated payment processing and affiliate marketing
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Mobile-optimized design
  • Ability to create and sell membership sites
  • Ability to create and sell subscriptions

With Teachable, you can create and sell online courses in a variety of formats, such as text, video, audio, and PDF, as well as offer quizzes and assignments to engage your students. Additionally, you can offer free courses and coaching services and monetize them using the platform’s built-in tools, such as email marketing and affiliate marketing. Overall, Teachable is a great platform for anyone looking to create and sell online courses, build an online school, or offer coaching services.

How to build your school website with teachable?

Teachable is a great option for building school websites. Here are some of the key features that make it particularly well-suited for educational institutions:

  1. Customizable school website: Teachable allows you to create a fully customizable school website, with your own branding and design. You can easily create a professional-looking site that reflects your school’s identity.
  2. Course catalog: Teachable includes a built-in course catalog that allows you to organize and display your courses in a clear and user-friendly way.
  3. Student management: Teachable includes tools for managing student enrollment, tracking progress, and issuing certificates of completion. This makes it easy for educational institutions to keep track of student progress and issue official certifications.
  4. E-commerce capabilities: Teachable includes built-in e-commerce capabilities, allowing you to easily sell your courses and other products directly from your school website.
  5. Communication tools: Teachable includes tools for communication between teachers, students and other stakeholders. You can easily create and manage discussion boards, email campaigns, and other communication tools within the platform.
  6. Analytics and reporting: Teachable provides analytics and reporting, which help you understand how your students are interacting with your content and how your school is performing.
  7. Mobile-optimized design: Teachable is mobile-optimized, making it easy for students to access and interact with your content on the go, from any device.

All of these features make Teachable an excellent option for building school websites that are professional, engaging, and easy to navigate.

Tons of Themes and Templates to Choose From

Teachable offers a wide range of pre-designed themes and templates to choose from, which makes it easy to create a professional-looking school website without any prior design experience.

The customization tools on Teachable allow you to easily change the colors, fonts, and layouts of your website to match your school’s branding. You can also upload your own logo, thumbnail, and favicon to further personalize your site.

In addition to the templates for individual pages, Teachable also provides pre-designed themes for your entire website, which include all the necessary pages for a school website, such as a homepage, course catalog, about us, contact us and more. This makes it easy to create a cohesive and professional-looking website in just a few minutes.

Additionally, Teachable also offers a drag-and-drop course builder that allows you to easily create and organize your course materials, including text, video, audio, and PDFs, as well as quizzes and assignments. This makes it easy to create engaging and interactive online courses that can be accessed by students on any device.

Overall, Teachable’s pre-designed themes and templates, as well as its customization tools, make it easy to create a professional-looking school website that is tailored to your school’s unique needs and branding.


Ease of Use

Teachable is designed to be user-friendly, even for those who are not technically inclined. The platform’s interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it simple to find the features you need.

As you can see from the image, Teachable’s interface is divided into clear and logical sections, with tabs for courses, students, and settings. The navigation menu makes it easy to access all the main features of the platform, such as creating and managing courses, tracking student progress, and setting up payment options.

Additionally, Teachable also provides a wide range of guides and resources to help you get started and learn how to use the platform. For example, the platform has a built-in help center, which includes FAQs, video tutorials, and step-by-step guides.

In summary, Teachable is a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate and provides a wide range of resources to help you set up and manage your digital classroom and online courses. Even if you’re not a technical expert, you’ll be able to quickly learn how to use the platform and start teaching online.

Step by Step tutorial to setup your own Teachable School

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