Teachable Pricing Plans: Basic vs. Professional vs. Business – Which One is Best for You?


Teachable is an online course platform Ankur Nagpul founded in 2013. Teachable was previously known as Fedora. It was a platform that has continually helped course creators to share their knowledge over the online platform. Currently, the platform is used by more than 100,000 creators.

If we talk about the characteristics of Teachable.com, then the platform comes with easy-to-use features that will be beneficiary in quickly navigating and creating your preferred course. There is no requirement for any coding knowledge to utilize Teachable.

One can easily upload and customize their courses, set up your payment method, and track sales and student insights.

Teachable takes a few minutes to set up, and at the time of occurrence of any problem, their support team is available 24/7 to help you regarding the same issue.

Teachable Pricing: The Basic Plan

Teachable is one of the significant course platforms that has gone public with its most affordable plan. The basic plan at Teachable costs only $39 per month. This Basic package is completed in 5% of your sales for the first year, which makes it one great deal among various to choose from.

One can handle pesky international currency conversion fees when taking payments with your credit card. The basic plan costs around 2.9% + 30% for processing, which is a less price compared to most other options across the globe.

To make international sales simple for you, Teachable tutorial has a few extra charges. It charges 4.4% + 30 cents for all PayPal transactions; there’s also a $15 back office fee if that feature needs to be enabled. It is not a compulsory part to adopt, but it will surely save time in managing those sorts of details.

The Basic plan is a major way to get started with Teachable. One will have access to all of our regular courses, video bandwidth, and hosting support. Along with this, the client can also avail the benefits of integrated payment processing tools for student management as well!

Here we have listed some of the features of Teachable:

• Discounted codes

• Email marketing that is integrated

• Integrations with third parties

• two admin-level users drip course content

The Basic Plans of Teachable cost a reasonable amount of money. Moreover, it’s an excellent solution for any company on a shoestring budget.

This is featured with constructing a more professional-looking school. The free plan’s domain name will be yourschool.teachable.com. Moreover, you can use a custom domain name with the basic plan.

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Teachable Pricing: The Professional Plan

The professional option charges $99 per month, including no sales commissions. There is also the $15 chargeback fee to consider, as well as around a 2% Back Office fee.

The Professional package includes all the features of the Basic plan, which includes student management and payment processing, custom domains and promo coupons. You can get paid instantly or every month and receive access to complete courses, video bandwidth, and hosting. Unlike the basic package, a client can get customer assistance via live chat and email.

Here we have mentioned some of the additional features of the same:

• Quizzes

• Affiliate programs

• Certificates

• Services for course compliance

• Reports

• Unbranded website access

Teachable Pricing: The Business Plan

The business plan from the Teachable is far from the most expensive choice that is accessible right now. The business plan of Teachable.com costs $299 per month. Nobody will pay transaction costs with your course sales, as you won’t with the Professional program.

The client or the students can pay instantly or every month and can quickly get access to hosting, an infinite number of courses, and video bandwidth. Among the features, Teachable.com include integrated payment processing, lecture comments, student administration, quizzes, graded quizzes, integrated payment processing, custom domains, promotional coupons, and much more. The standard and support are available via email and live chat.

Users of the Business subscription can use the integrated affiliate programs with their third payment and email marketing integrations.

This strategy is better suited to big organizations with vast teams of employees. This is the best payment plan for you if you require a lot of admins that can be beneficiaries for operating your school or if you have various instructors who need to upload different resources and materials.

If you are looking to buy a Teachable platform, then you can buy one using this link.

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