Precious Words of Wisdom


It looks hard but it is very simple. Understand our breath from the Universe around us. It has exactly the same frequencies as the Universe because it is the Universe, but our concentration (DHYAN) has entirely different frequencies because of our habits of always wasting it into useless things and develop frequencies of no value. We must correct that. Please understand that with each inhale we draw in the Essence of the Universe with all its frequencies and some air for the supply of oxygen to our body. That essence reaches every part of our body to nourish the living cells making up our body, and fall into that essence in the exhale.

So if we keep our concentration (DHYAN) fully aligned with the Breath we will start picking up the Divine Frequencies into our attention. We have to fully saturate our attention with those frequencies. Our each breath starts at the nostrils and is taken into the body in the inhale and then exhaled. Keeping our attention (DHYAN) continually with inhale and exhale we start picking up the natural vibrations into our breath and the mind. Remember when we put our attention (DHYAN) into breath it escapes to engage in the inner dialogue. We have to put it back to the breath and continue. We may have to keep on doing that when it slows down and ultimately we tame it. In Sikh Scriptures it says, (“DAMM DAMM SADAA SAMALDA DAMM NAA BIRTHA JAA-AY, JANAM MARAN KA BHAU GIYA JEEWAN PADVI PAA-AY) Meaning of this is that if we let the breath absorb with all our attention, it will start acquiring the natural frequencies and we will start having an Eternal Life with all the attributes of GOD (Parmatma) because we will be resonating with HIM. With this depth of understanding our all fears including death will vanish.

It is so sad that we all are missing that wonderful opportunity in life for no reason other than ignorance. It is sure not one step process, it may take quite some time to fully accomplish the goal. Your understanding and your persistent efforts is the key and remember that you have to resonate fully with the Universe. You may have to meditate on your breath day and night as much as it is possible with your time. Your body is all GOD and you have to learn to maintain your most valuable attention (DHYAN) with the body also. Meditation (Mantras- Naam Simran) also must continue constantly to keep the mind away from distractions and useless thinking. Start doing all the activities consciously so that you remain fully focus on concentration (DHYAN) all the time in a continuous manner. You have to learn to live in the PRESENT in full MINDFULNESS (IN POISE) all the time.

Sincerely wish you all the best. GOD Bless you all.

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