How to attain Higher Power

To draw upon Higher Power learn to take a positive, optimistic attitude towards every problem in direct proportion to the intensity of the faith and your belief into it. There is a Higher Power and that power can do everything for you. Draw upon it and experience its great helpfulness. Do prayer, state your problem and ask for His guidance. Believe that you are getting the answer.

This power is constantly available if you have faith and open to it. It will flow in like tide. It is there for every body under any circumstances or in any condition. This is tremendous flow of power is of such force that in its in rush, it drives out every thing before it, casting out fear, hate, sickness, weakness, and moral defeat scattering them as though they had never touched you, refreshing and restrengthening your life with health, happiness, and prosperity.

“Believe in yourself and have Faith in Him.”

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