Blogging vs Vlogging: Which one you should go for, all the details

Blogging vs Vlogging

Blogging and vlogging are the two most popular formats of content creation. As a result of this Blogging vs Vlogging has emerged as a new-age debate. These two also come as thriving methods of generating revenue as well. As you know both are different and that goes beyond the format.

To start with Blogging as you know it involves the writing of articles or posts on a website or blog platform. Bloggers typically use text, images, and videos to create content. The use of these elements is aimed at making the content informative, entertaining, and engaging. 

Blogging is specialization friendly and bloggers pick a specific niche or topic, such as food, fashion, or technology, and develop a loyal following of readers who are interested in their content.

Now coming to Vlogging. This form of content creation involves creating videos and sharing that on a popular video-sharing platform such as YouTube. 

Content creation involves camera to record oneself and the surroundings while speaking or interacting with the environment. Like blogging vlogging also involves specialization.

Blogging vs Vlogging: Differences

As we saw in our discussion so far that the two differ in format there are differences beyond that as well. Here are the major differences:

  • Style of Content: The style of content here uses text, images, and videos which is based on the specialized niche or topic. This is aimed to develop a loyal following of readers who are interested in their content. On the other hand, vlogging aims at creating videos that often focus on personal experiences and opinions. Vloggers tend to be more interactive and engaging, as they can showcase their personality and speaking style.
  • Audience:  Generally bloggers are looking to attract readers. People who like prefer to consume information through text and images are at focus. Vlogs lay emphasis to attract viewers who enjoy content with visual interaction.
  • Monetization: Sources of generating revenue involve advertising, promotion, collaboration, etc. Bloggers can write guest posts, post an article on an established platform, leverage the benefit of Google ads, outbound links, affiliates, etc. Vlogging can generate revenue through collaboration, product promotions, and affiliate marketing. 
  • Time commitment: If you aim to grow then time commitment is something you have to put in. Vlogging might need much time as there is recording and editing involved plus the thumbnail and graphics have to be taken care of. Blogging mostly involves text and images so editing and creation both processes can be done quickly.
  • Creative expression: The creative expression of presenting your thought is crucial. In blogging it’s mostly through writing that you express yourself. While vlogging calls for better communication and presentation skills.

Blogging vs Vlogging: How to start and grow

  • Pick a niche: To start blogging or vlogging you should pick an area or niche. A niche can be something you have expertise or knowledge in. You can start by talking about technology, travel, sports, movies, etc. Choose an area where you are comfortable the most. 
  • Create high-quality content: If the content is king then quality is the word that makes it king. Try to present well-researched and detailed content that engages the readers/viewers and provides value to them.
  • Engage with your audience: Engagement is the word when you talk about vlogging and blogging. Presentation of the content in a way that connects with the users is the most important thing. The idea should be to make the readers/viewers habitual of your content so that they keep coming. 
  • Use social media: Social media is the global village where you can present your content to a larger audience. Promote your content on all the respective social media handles and try to catch maximum eyeballs. 
  • Collaborate: One good way to get attention for your content is to collaborate with some bloggers/vloggers who have established themselves. It can be more helpful in the case of vlogging as you can come together with them to shoot a video. For blogging the collaboration can be in terms of research and writing or presenting the content on some established platform. 

Blogging vs VloggingAs a source of revenue 

Blogging or vlogging which one is good for revenue generation? Well, the answer is both. There are good options as we saw above to keep generating revenue from the sources. It depends upon you which one you want to choose.

If revenue is your major concern then you can go for trying both forms of content creation.

Blogging vs VloggingWhich one you should choose

The answer to this depends a lot upon your personal choice and nature. If you are camera shy or hesitate to communicate then maybe starting with blogging can be the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you are good at expressing yourself in words and carry a rich vocabulary then blogging can come as a natural option for you.

As a piece of advice, we would say try both and see where you find comfort. You can try both forms of content creation and if you find a balance then carry on with both. The division of time or making a final choice would ultimately depend upon your choice. So, try, feel, and choose.

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