22 Best Niches to Start a Profitable YouTube Channel

22 Best Niches to Start a Profitable YouTube Channel

Right Niche

Are you interested in a profitable YouTube channel but struggling to find the right niche? Choosing the best YouTube niches is a crucial step in building a successful YouTube channel, as it helps you focus on a smaller subsection of a larger market with less competition, making it easier to attract and engage your target audience. In this Blog, you will get to know the best niches to start a profitable YouTube channel.

To find the best niche for your YouTube channel, you need to perform niche research. This involves analyzing the market, identifying trends, studying your competition, and targeting the right audience. You should aim to find a niche that fits these requirements and motivates you to create quality content regularly. 

It’s also important to think about how you plan to monetize your channel. Do you want to earn revenue through YouTube AdSense or build income through brand deals, affiliate marketing, or products? If you’re aiming for AdSense revenue, it helps to know which YouTube niches have a high CPM (cost per mile or the cost advertisers pay per 1,000 views). 

To help you get started, I’ve compiled a list of the best niches with limited competition. Hard work associated with the specific topic for your YouTube channel ideas is a big deal to bring out your identify.

The first step to finding the most popular YouTube niches will be for you to understand how YouTube calculates the revenue they pay YouTube creators, ‍and YouTube calculates this based on two primary factors:

1. The “Cost per thousand impressions (or CPM):

This is the amount advertisers pay for every thousand times their ad is shown. 

‍The CPM varies depending on several factors, including the video’s niche, the demographics of the audience they are targeting, and the type of ad they are running.

and the second is, 

2. The Revenue per Mille (RPM): 

YouTube creators earn money based on how many views their videos receive. The amount is calculated using RPM, which is the CPM (cost per thousand views) multiplied by the average viewability rate of the ads on the video. However, YouTube takes a 55% share of the ad revenue, leaving content creators with approximately 45%.

To find the most profitable YouTube niches, consider the following factors:

1. CPM: Niches with higher CPMs are more likely to be profitable. You can research CPM rates for different niches using Google Trends or YouTube Analytics.

2. Competition: Niches with high competition can be difficult to rank in and generate views for, but if you can create high-quality content that stands out, you can still be profitable. With the perfect Niche and great idea, you will eventually find the best way to make money through your channel.

3. Demand: Niches with high demand are more likely to attract advertisers willing to pay high CPMs. You can also research the demand for different niches using Google Trends or YouTube Analytics.

22 Best Niches to Start a Profitable YouTube Channel

To discover profitable YouTube niches, prioritize niches with high CPMs and low competition, as well as strong demand. Choose niches that align with your passion and expertise and produce top-notch content that distinguishes your channel from your competitors. Now let’s have a look at the most profitable niches.

Making Money Online

The most profitable niche on YouTube is creating content around strategies for making money online. A lot of people turn to YouTube to learn how to generate extra income through the internet, and many creators are willing to share their expertise. The type of content that you choose, and the content creation is important in this place.

On average, creators in this niche can expect the highest CPM rates, ranging from $12 to $22. Some sub-niches are even more profitable, particularly those that focus on making money through affiliate marketing, which can reach CPM rates of up to $22. By creating content that caters to a large audience, you can highlight your product in the best possible way.

A high-earning niche on YouTube is a channel dedicated to providing users with strategies for making money online from their homes using the internet. Videos and YouTube shorts that offer proven methods for making money online are in high demand.

The search term “make money online YouTube” has an upper bid of $36 CPC. Adding the word “fast” to money-making keywords can increase the amount advertisers are willing to pay for each click to up to $30. There are many high CPM keywords that people are searching for on YouTube with the word “fast” in them, such as “earn fast cash online,” “get paid online fast,” “ways to make money online fast,” and more.

You can increase your earnings by adding links to affiliate products in the descriptions of your YouTube videos. Many creators use the Amazon Associates program, which pays between 1% to 4% for each affiliate sale.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has the potential to earn the second-highest income on YouTube. Social media marketing channels, for example, have an average CPM rate of $12.52. This is not surprising, as digital marketers are skilled in showcasing and promoting their work through YouTube SEO, and they cater to a target audience of entrepreneurs and small businesses. This demographic is highly valuable to advertisers and sponsors. As a creator in this field, it is easy to diversify traffic channels by expanding into websites, blogs, academy lessons, and more. Many marketing influencers have successfully done so.

Digital marketing advice, particularly on the subjects of SEO and social media marketing—two of the most popular business channel ideas for successful YouTubers—is another of the most lucrative YouTube niches. Advertisers are willing to pay up to $ 200-223 per click on topics related to developing a digital content marketing plan. The maximum bid for social media content initiatives is $366. In addition to that, the greatest cost per click for ads ranges more than 400$ and targets as per the SEO keyword study. As you can see, one of the top paid YouTube niches is digital marketing, thus entering this sector can be quite rewarding. 

Personal Finance and Investments

Personal finance and investments rank third among money-related niches. Personal financial channels, in contrast to the first two, are less concerned with enhancing your marketing and making money through hustles. Rather, they teach you how to handle and make investments with the money you already own. There are Successful channel in this sector that offer advice on anything from cryptocurrency money-making to stock market jargon. 

These creators are receiving some of the highest YouTube CPM rates, up to $12. The growing popularity of investment advice and personal money management has led to a trend of high CPMs for finance and investing channels. Advertisers ready to pay more for targeted exposure can be drawn to your content if it teaches viewers about money management, stock market advice, and financial techniques.

Educational Content

Ranking fourth is a fairly broad category – educational content. Some of the most-subscribed YouTube channels out there focus on educational content for kids.

But adult topics are also in high demand, ranging from history and science channels to how to use Microsoft Office. Tutorials and courses are some of the most popular YouTube videos on the entire platform. On average, YouTubers in this niche see CPM rates of $9.89

The YouTube Education niche is among the largest and fastest-growing, covering a wide range of educational topics, from K-12 and higher education to professional development.

Despite how YouTube restricts advertising on kids’ content, educational content is a very profitable niche.

The education YouTube niche is quite popular and lucrative from an earnings perspective. Creators in this niche can use YouTube as a starting point to launch and grow their education business. 

Yet again, you will need to decide on a specific category within this niche. Potential categories that you can consider include:

  • Kindergarten educational videos
  • Mathematics for different grades
  • Science for kids
  • Computer science and programming
  • Financial education for kids


The YouTube technology niche encompasses a wide range of tech-related content, including gadget reviews, software tutorials, tech news, and explainer videos. Creators in this category provide comprehensive reviews of the latest gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, and cameras.

They also aim to teach viewers how to use specific software programs like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Excel. Additionally, creators keep their audiences updated on the latest tech news, covering new product releases and industry trends. Finally, they simplify complex tech concepts through explainer videos, making them accessible and easy to understand. It’s worth mentioning that the top 10 YouTube tech channels have over 100 million subscribers.

If you’re interested in an ideal niche like technology and gadgets, one of the most lucrative YouTube niches to enter is the review and instruction of consumers on how to utilize various gadgets, gizmos, and gear through movies and YouTube shorts. Users are seeking all kinds of videos on technology and gadgets, such as wearable technology, photography equipment, laptop reviews and repairs, smartphone tutorials, home gadgets, etc., so the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you should put on your channel. Simply choose the most popular niches of a particular technology that most interest you and begin making movies about it. Well-known YouTubers claim to make between $2 and $7 CPM in the gadget and technology sector.


The lifestyle niche is one of the most popular types of content on YouTube. People enjoy watching others’ travels, careers, homes, and relationships. On average, lifestyle YouTubers can earn $3.47 per thousand views. However, keep in mind that there is a lot of competition in this niche, as there is a wide range of creators, from those vlogging in a mansion to college students sharing their campus experience.

What makes this niche so special is the personal experiences people share, which creates relatability and a sense of connection among viewers, forming a community. While viewers may not aspire to a similar lifestyle, many look for inspiration in the lives of others. Advertisers can take advantage of this by promoting products and services and creating monetization opportunities.

A lifestyle vlog is a video diary of your daily activities. If you have a specific lifestyle that you would like to share with the world, this can be one of the finest niches for you to start a YouTube channel. Nomad, rural, western, city, bachelor, frugal, modest, pricey, bohemian, urban, opulent, mountain, military, beach, etc. are a few examples of lifestyle channel concepts. Viewers of lifestyle videos are in the millions, as it gives them a sense of company on their life’s journey. Also, the more video content you have, the more a given audience can relate to your YouTube videos and the more views they will receive from binge-watchers, which can increase your revenue from YouTube commercials.


Creating tutorials is an effective way to grow a YouTube channel. It makes you look authoritative by solving problems for viewers. Teaching what you know is easier now that anyone can become a social media influencer.

The question is, how do you make a YouTube tutorial? First, know that instructional content, no matter how straightforward, is still content. Tutorials compete fiercely with each other just like pranks and memes on YouTube.

This means every tutorial could use some extra flair to stand out. You need to grab viewers’ attention, solve their problems, and ensure they leave the video satisfied. It’s a mix of art, science, and personal style.

Life Hacks & Crafts

On YouTube, videos of crafts and life tips are extremely popular. To help you obtain more views and money from your videos, they are also placed on other people’s websites and shared on social media. Any tip, shortcut, ability, or novel approach that boosts output and efficiency in any aspect of life or business is considered a life hack. And crafts are precisely what they sound like doable crafts that everyone can learn to make.

People appreciate learning new skills that enhance their quality of life and making crafts out of commonplace items. See YouTubers 5-Minute Crafts for ideas on what kinds of videos to create in this particular YouTube category.


Are you a fan of video games? If so, you might be interested to know that YouTube could pay you to create videos of your gaming experiences, just like well-known gamers such as Vanoss Gaming. You would record your gameplay and add insightful and humorous commentary. You could also create YouTube shorts by snipping segments of your game films for extra income. Typically, the CPM pricing for these channels’ ranges from $1 to $2.

The gaming niche on YouTube is growing rapidly but is also highly competitive. This information was included mistakenly with a score of 19 out of 100. Gaming is a very competitive YouTube niche, with 6.2 million videos and 1 million channels. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider your strategy before entering this niche.

Despite the competition, many YouTubers are still creating channels to share their gaming experiences, stream, and offer tips. This is where we’ll focus.

Health & Fitness

Health and fitness is one of the most popular YouTube niches. There are various ways to approach creating a health-themed YouTube channel, such as sharing your fitness journey, providing tips and advice on healthy eating, or sharing inspirational stories about people who have overcome serious health challenges. It’s better to be more specific in the selection of your channel, for example, focusing on building muscle rather than general topics. Being more niche-specific makes it easier for Google to place ads on your videos and increases your potential to earn money. An example of a channel in this niche is Body Hub.

Fitness and fashion are two dominant niches on the internet. Combining them is a growing interest, particularly on platforms like Instagram. With brands putting more emphasis on fitness fashion, this is a great YouTube niche to monetize. The search volume is excellent on YouTube and the competition is medium, making it a good niche idea with a score of 65/100.

Food YouTube Niche

The food niche is one of the big YouTube niches, with healthy food being highly sought after on the platform. However, with a score of 38/100, the high-level niche may not be the best option. Therefore, focusing on a sub-niche such as healthy snacks could be a great way to reduce competition while still maintaining a decent volume of viewers. This sub-niche is a growing trend, presenting a good opportunity at the moment. Although there is high competition within this sub-niche, it may be a good idea to niche down further to reduce the number of competitors.

The list of topics you can focus on can be quite lengthy. My best advice is to pick a cooking niche that covers food that you enjoy preparing. 

The food niche is a popular category on YouTube, especially healthy food content. However, with a score of 38/100, the high-level niche may not be the best option. Focusing on a sub-niche such as healthy snacks could reduce competition while still maintaining a good number of viewers. This sub-niche is a growing trend and presents a good opportunity at the moment. Although there is high competition within this sub-niche, narrowing down the niche further could reduce the number of competitors.

The cooking and food YouTube niche is huge, and YouTube is the ideal place to find recipes for almost any cuisine. If you select this niche, it’s important to be specific about the theme of your channel. Here are a few ideas for a cooking and food YouTube channel:

– The best vegan recipes

– Keto recipes for the family

– Dessert recipes that require few ingredients

– Cookware and kitchenware reviews

– Barbeque recipes

– Baking

The options for topics are endless, so my advice is to pick a cooking niche that covers food you enjoy preparing.

Health and wellness

Health and wellness is a great YouTube niche because advertisers recognize the demand for content related to improving health. By placing ads in these videos, they can achieve a high return on investment. If you are part of a network marketing company that sells health and wellness products, creating a channel focused on this niche would be ideal. In addition to earning from Google AdSense, you can also include affiliate links to your products in the video descriptions. 

Monetization opportunities are abundant, as you can include affiliate links from platforms like ClickBank, Digistore24, or Amazon in the video descriptions with product reviews, potentially generating more revenue than just relying on ads. With over 1.5 million views per month, depending on the CPM, creators could be earning $5,000 to $10,000 or more monthly.


Cryptocurrency is a popular topic for starting a YouTube channel, and I believe it will continue to have high ad revenue for a long time. Many people are interested in this subject, so advertisers are willing to pay a lot for ad placements on these videos.

For instance, in addition to earning money through Google AdSense, creators in this niche are using various monetization methods. They can sell merchandise through platforms like Redbubble, set up affiliate programs, and include affiliate links in their video descriptions to earn additional income. Cryptocurrency is one of the most popular topics on YouTube since 2022, so if you’re interested in this niche, it’s worth exploring.

The finance niche is also highly profitable on YouTube because advertisers are willing to invest heavily in ad placements. For example, Economics Explained is a successful finance channel that monetizes through affiliate links in their video descriptions. If you’re not familiar with finance affiliate programs, you can easily find them by searching on Google. Many finance companies offer well-paid affiliate programs for leads, new customers, and sales. If you have an interest in finance or a background in this field, creating a finance-focused channel could be a great idea for you.


Relationships are one of the most popular YouTube niches. This type of channel can cover a wide range of topics, from dating advice to relationship tips. You can also share personal stories about your own relationships and offer advice to viewers who may be experiencing similar issues.

For instance, there’s a channel called Make Them Love You. They discuss various aspects of love and relationships. Their most popular video has over 2 million views. They use a script, voiceover, and video stock footage, and combine them using tools like Pictory.ai or InVideo. According to their Social Blade stats, they make over $2,000 a month.

If you enjoy discussing relationships, this could be a great YouTube channel idea for you.

Gardening YouTube Niche

People who are interested in learning how to grow their produce at home and creating a beautiful garden are likely to search for relevant content on YouTube. This particular niche intersects with the DIY YouTube niche but is more specialized. Here are some topic ideas for this YouTube niche:

– Caring for different plants

– Starting and growing your own produce

– Reviews of gardening equipment

– In-home gardening

– Building your own greenhouse


The next profitable YouTube niche is luxury. If you are an expert in luxury products, consider starting a luxury channel to share your knowledge and expertise with the world.

For instance, the “Luxury King” channel has been around for only 10 months and already has a video with over a million views. Sharing experiences of high-end hotels, gourmet dining, and first-class flights can attract more viewers. You can explore various video ideas to engage your audience.

This channel uses a simple format with a script, voice-over, and video stock footage.

On a luxury channel, you can discuss the latest trends in the luxury market, interview top designers and industry insiders, and review the latest high-end products.

Comedy: Humor, Challenges, and Pranks

Comedy, humor, and prank channels are very popular on YouTube. Comedy YouTube channel focus on providing pure entertainment through hilarious skits, challenges, pranks, and giveaways. They attract a wide range of viewers, from teenagers to adults, due to the universal need for laughter. Although this diversity may lower the potential earnings per thousand views (CPM), it still averages around $1.

The advantage of comedy channels is their focus on positive emotions, which is attractive to brands and advertisers. These channels aim to make their audience laugh and provide entertainment. If you enjoy creating lighthearted and funny content, starting a comedy channel might be perfect for you. There are various subgenres and styles within comedy that you can explore.

One approach is to feature everyday people in humorous situations or skits that resonate with viewers’ experiences. This can include relatable scenarios, comedic storytelling, or exaggerated depictions of everyday life. Another option is to curate and compile existing funny videos from the internet, adding your commentary or comedic twist to enhance the entertainment value. This can involve reacting to viral videos, sharing funny memes, or providing humorous commentary on current events.

Many comedy channels develop a unique video editing style to stand out on YouTube. This can include techniques like replacing backgrounds, utilizing jump cuts for comedic timing, incorporating slow-motion effects for comedic emphasis, or inserting cheeky music to enhance comedic moments.


While there is a wide range of perspectives in this field, they all emphasize self-cultivation. These channels are tailored to individuals who are seeking personal growth, inner peace, and motivation to overcome challenges. Advertisers and sponsors recognize the value of reaching out to viewers who are focused on their well-being and self-improvement. As a result, the average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for these channels typically ranges from $2.50 to $4.00. 

After the pandemic, the motivation Niche channel was considered to be the most viewed channel as many started to lose their inner strength and became unstable as well. Such channels create an open-eye connection between the YouTubers and the viewers.

Arts & Crafts

‍In addition to having over 100 million subscribers overall, the top channel with another strong Niche of Arts & Crafts channels on YouTube offers a variety of content, such as‍:

1. DIY Projects: Contributors in this category offer do-it-yourself projects that can be replicated by viewers in their homes. Subjects include jewelry, gift-giving, and home décor.

‍2. Art Tutorials: these are instructional videos that cover a range of subjects for viewers, such as painting, drawing, and sculpture.

‍3. Craft Inspiration: Artists in this genre provide their audience with concepts and artistic inspiration, and ultimately.

‍4. Art Supply Reviews: These frequently include movies that offer thorough analyses of different art supplies, like clay, paints, and brushes.

This particular niche does have much of fierce competition. However, the content ideas shall help the channel to grow the small business owners or any individuals.


If you’re passionate about sports, consider starting a YouTube channel this year! Whether sports are your career, passion, or business, the sports niche has a dedicated fan base.

Here are some top sports niche ideas for a new YouTube channel: equipment reviews, discussing gameplay and strategy, and showcasing techniques and coaching based on your experience. You could also use the sports niche to create a fan channel discussing your favorite professional teams. The possibilities are endless, and building a dedicated audience of sports fans can be very rewarding.

You could even create a business on YouTube by sharing your thoughts on your favorite teams within a specific sports niche. Whether you’re a player, fan, coach, or proud parent, the sports niche has the potential to transform your new YouTube channel.


Music remains a highly popular category on YouTube and continues to thrive as a platform for discovering new music. In fact, in February 2023, YouTube featured the most-viewed channel, solidifying its position as a go-to source for music enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re an established artist or an up-and-coming musician, YouTube offers a significant platform to showcase your talent and reach a broad audience.

The success of many renowned musicians can be attributed to their videos on YouTube, amassing billions of views. However, achieving such success requires more than just a dedicated base of viewers—it necessitates delivering top-notch content that resonates with the YouTube audience.


As an automobile enthusiast, your YouTube channel can focus on creating engaging content related to cars. This may involve producing videos covering the latest updates in the automotive industry, offering comprehensive reviews of various car models, and addressing viewer inquiries regarding cars and their maintenance.

The car and motoring YouTube niche has always been popular, with creators often reviewing new cars and motorbikes.

One drawback of this niche is that it requires a lot of planning, from arranging a location to test the vehicle to actually getting the vehicle loaned to you.

However, if you can partner with a few dealerships in your area and establish a partnership with them, you can potentially earn a significant amount of money. This will also streamline the car lending process since the dealership(s) won’t be lending the car to some random person.


In the world of YouTube, it has evolved into a diverse platform that caters to various specific audiences. These niches continue to grow and change as viewers’ interests evolve through your YouTube content. Success on YouTube depends on finding the right balance between your passion and what resonates with the community. This balance is the key to creating a successful niche that engages your audience, leading to long-term growth and success on the platform. 

So channels relevant to any niche like beauty tips, lifestyle channels, wealth, and health-related channels create more awareness and support. Do no forget, you can make a lot of money, and keep increasing your total revenue by using your unique ideas and unique perspective.

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